Understanding chat solutions for bigger merchants

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2 min readMay 3, 2022


The Avigate app was made for small businesses. But bigger merchants can benefit from the growing wave of chat commerce too.

First, designing a conversation that fits your brand is key. According to Facebook, customers appreciate chatbots primarily because they respond fast. If a customer messages your store at off hours, a chatbot is a critical component that keeps your customer from looking for business elsewhere. A conversation designed to help them through their concerns and options helps your customers stick with you until you or someone else takes over. A good chat response is a hybrid between human and chatbot responses.

In Robinsons Department Store for example, the chatbot answers inquiries right away and gets preliminary details from the customers. Then a Personal Shopper takes over if needed and finalizes the fulfillment of the order.

The second important component of chat commerce for bigger brands is the fluidity of the ordering and payments process. Once a customer has chosen a specific item to purchase, our chat ordering system can send over an invoice of the item or items, complete with pictures or videos and the item details.

With a simple Checkout button integrated right in the chat, the customer can pay for the item using credit cards or debit cards. Alternatively, they can also pay using e-wallets and cash. Finally, a reference number is sent to the customer through chat to show proof that payment has been accepted and that the item is being prepared to be delivered or picked up.

Organizing chats from multiple channels can be a headache. Switching from Messenger to Viber for example can confuse the fulfillment personnel of your store. Avigate’s solution to this is the Smart Inbox where the personnel can chat with your clients from multiple channels in one place.

The Avigate chat ordering system therefore can:

  1. Send invoices with pictures and videos.
  2. Integrate online payments inside the chat.
  3. Allow you to chat in multiple channels (Messenger, Viber, etc) in one place.

making it so much easier for you to run your chat commerce business.

Avigate also has a sales boosting service to funnel customers to your chat channels.

If you are ready to take the next step in innovating your online business strategy, let’s have a chat!



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